The Youth For Christ (YFC) Ministry in Ethiopia has its roots back in 1990’s when a group from Burton, UK ministry shared the vision. A group of young leaders in Ethiopia convinced by the vision of sharing the gospel to the youth in a youth friendly way, they immediately came together and launched youth activities through singing groups and action groups.

YFC Ethiopia started 31 years ago while Emanuel Chichndu was Africa director and Donos Man was East Africa director. The ministry is locally registered under the Ministry of Justice and is operating legally in all regions in Ethiopia. The YFC Ethiopia office was opened in 1995 and was temporarily closed by the end of 2001 and staff went their own ways. It was at this particular time that some of the YFC volunteers realized the vision was dying and the years labored were going to be in vain. God used unforgettable milestones to revive the vision over the years. Those milestones were the singing group, the action group, regular meetings in a group praying and seeking God’s guidance, and such like incidents.

YFC Ethiopia office is currently located in Addis Ababa region. Our programs comprises library, computer training, recreational and life skills training and activities. This center gave YFC-EA staff and volunteers a unique opportunity to implement activities and pilot innovative ideas. In the near future we are planning to have offices in every region of our Nation.

YFC Ethiopia is committed to support young people to develop Godliness in lifestyle. We have four major strategic focus areas of ministry streams namely, prayer, discipleship and evangelism, social involvement and leadership development.

Prayer Needs

  • Ethiopia has more than 81 language speaking groups. We have a plan to plant YFC centers in all geographical areas of these language speaking groups.
  • Ethiopia has a population of 120 million people and more than 70% is young. We are working to open a camping center to match the unmet growing needs of the Christian youth for a place to study the Bible, pray and fellowship.